Painting of Jazz Musicians by Bernard Beneito

Artist, Dreamer and Globe-Trotter Bernard Béneito offers atypical oil paintings on the topics of Jazz, Blues, Musicians, Women, Fashion, Café Life, Humor and Travel.

Born in French Algeria, Bernard has spent many years traveling the world absorbing the local cultures. Bernard has lived in Morocco, Germany, French Guyana, Tahiti, the Caribbean Islands, New Orleans, California and has visited many more countries around the world. He has traveled extensively throughout Africa, Europe, the Middle East and the USA. Today he divides his time between the USA and France.

His paintings reflect his many travels and passions including his love for music as well as for art. (Bernard has met BB King, John Lee Hooker, Doctor John, Jimmy Smith, Dee Dee Bridgewater and many more legendary American jazz and blues musicians throughout the years ). Blues portraiture is not his cup of tea . Bernard prefers to capture the mood of Blues Clubs in the Mississippi Delta in his art. Later in his painting career he depicted honky tonks, juke joints and street scene from 1920s and 30s (the Great American Jazz Age) in his paintings.  Women , fashion and humor are also his favorite themes.

Bernard Béneito’s paintings have been shown in galleries and exhibitions in the USA, Europe, the Caribbean and Canada. See Exhibitions.