Bienvenue ŕ Quartier Latin!

Welcome to the Quartier Latin, a school for artists
under the instruction of Master Artist, Bernard Béneito.

Art Classes are offered for Children and Adults. 

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Bernard Béneito continues his art school from his home and studio in Carla-Bayle, France. 
His art school began as Maison des Artistes in Palo Alto, California in 1999. After 15 years in California, Bernard relocated his studio and art school to New Orleans, Louisiana where he continued to paint and to teach until the end of 2013. Below is a brief history of his art school.

“You have to live your dream…I’m partial to New Orleans. Crossroads of cultures, birth of the Blues and his Jazz son, a wonderful meeting in 1988, my first trip to New Orleans. It was the moment I decided to “emigrate” from California where I got fifteen rich years.”

On the 1st day of September 2011, La Maison des Artistes opened on the home of the St. Charles streetcar line. Finally La Maison des Artistes left St Charles to settle uptown on December 1, 2011. As opposed to the French Quarter (tourism area) Béneito calls his art school Quartier Latin (Latin Quarter) which was the high area in Paris, the center of art, intellectualism and existentialism during the 40s and 50s.

Unique Fine Art classes since 1999, La Maison des Artistes was conceived in Palo Alto California by Bernard E. Béneito former French teacher, artist and globe-trotter (1st Prize oil and acrylic Triton Museum Santa Clara CA 1999, Academic Knight International Academy Greci Marino Italy 2004, listed in the Who’s Who in International Art Switzerland 2005, Master-Masters and Epigones-Laval Quebec 2007, Toile d’Or 2010 France Federation Nationale de la Culture Francaise Paris) as a nurturing, comfortable art studio and teaching environment in which all students learn to liberate themselves for their inhibitions, constraints, and fears, feeling creative about the art process.

Students, ranging in age from 6 to 66, all share a love of art and the passion for creating. Conveying the French language, Béneito puts his “young artists” in situations where openness , sensitivity and curiosity favor development of intellectual abilities such as focus, taking initiative, curiosity and humor, all of which give the spirit fluid, quick, imaginative, creative and sensitivity to the Culture-at-large.

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Young Students at Bernard Béneito’s Art School, QUARTIER LATIN

Adult students at Bernard Béneito’s Art School, QUARTIER LATIN

Young students at Bernard Béneito’s Art School, QUARTIER LATIN

A young student (7 years old) and her mother (ABOVE) and with Bernard Béneito (BELOW)
at Bernard Béneito’s Art School, QUARTIER LATIN

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