The narrative symbolism of the work, visible at first glance, evokes a psychology revealing and describing an expression of order, disorder and all fluctuations of impression. Music, as passionate dancing, transcends the hidden visible in the mystery of the body and Beneito expresses each level of lyrical explosion in the movement and its expression. Hence, thought expresses itself in the life of the work, and the poetry which thrives in the true feelings perpetuates and deepens in all asperities of forms and colors.

Beneito, facing the age of time, explores the essence of this time, destined to seduce the secret of movement, the grace of a line, the suspended time of existence, where the truth of emotion asserts itself. Art composes and decomposes reality. The reality of a heritage, heightened in expressions, suspended in time and in the constructive sacred rhythm of sentiments. Order, in the order of an exotic expressionism, before a chromatic agitation of unending births, Beneito transcends his meaning of subjects, thus gushing life in the movement's spontaneity. In the heart of a profound nostalgia, the breath of expression enters the secret limits of the life of colors itself. Hence, the work undergoes a metamorphosis brought about by distanced movement from the order of equilibrium of the real world.

For Beneito, the precariousness in opacity becomes an innate expression, where perspectives of feelings, defined and undefined point of view, with chromatic nuances suspended to a silence with symbolic dimensions, explode in such nobility. The work in its form and hierarchised echos of colors then becomes music.

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